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Our Research

Our research centers around examining the impact of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle interventions during and after treatment for cancer.

Advancements in the detection and treatment of cancer has improved the number of people being diagnosed and effectively treated for their cancers. Unfortunately many cancers come with some unwanted physical and mental side effects, many of which last months and years after treatment has finished.

We (i.e. researchers in the field of exercise oncology) look to see how exercise, nutrition and psychology can be used to better prepare people for treatment, to tolerate treatment better, and get them back to living a full life as quick as possible.

This can range from looking at to get people moving to improve their quality of life, all the way down to looking at how exercise affects the tumour.

Skeletal Muscle Loss in Cancer

Nutritional Supplementation

Dose-Response Relationships in Resistance Training

Behaviour Change Interventions

Impact of Exercise on Treatment Related Outcomes

Exercise Tolerance in Cancer

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